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  • Roofs
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Foundations

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Includes 50 Detail Library Sub-Categories

         Door Details

    Curtain Wall Door Head (in wall)
    Curtain Wall Door Jamb (in wall)
    Curtain Wall Door Door Threshold (alum stile)
    Exterior Door Head
    Exterior Door Jamb
    Exterior Door Threshold
    Interior Door Head
    Interior Door Jamb
    Storefront Door Head (in wall)
    Storefront Door Jamb (in wall)
    Storefront Door Threshold (alum stile)

         Foundation Details

    Basement / Crawl Space Construction
    Grade Beam
    Spread Footing
    Strip Footing
    Thickened Slab

          Roof Details

    Abbreviated Rake
    Boxed Scupper
    Boxed-in Eave
    Boxed-in Rake
    Cantilevered Truss
    Exposed Rake
    Exposed Tails
    Hot Pipe Penetration
    Non-Vented Eave
    Parapet (metal coping)
    Rafter Tail (framed)
    Ridge Vent
    Shed Ridge
    Soffited Rafter
    Standard Roof Drain
    Truss Tail
    Vent Thru Roof
    Vented Eave

         Window Details

    Curtain Wall Head (in wall)
    Curtain Wall Horizontal Mullion
    Curtain Wall Jamb (sill below) Curtain Wall Sill (in wall)
    Curtain Wall Vertical Mullion
    Storefront Head (in wall)
    Storefront Horizontal Mullion
    Storefront Jamb (floor below)
    Storefront Jamb (sill below)
    Storefront Sill (in wall)
    Storefront Vertical Mullion
    Window Head
    Window Jamb
    Window Sill

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